We are the Personal Partner in Business with Furniture, Artware and Home Textiles

Our vision is to deliver, develop and design commercial products to our customers. We strive to create close personal working relationships with our partners. 

Local in the Worlds East Corner

Local in the Worlds East Corner

Continuz is based in Højbjerg, Denmark and is owned by Thomas Vestergaard. Continuz work as your supplier or transparent partner – with a huge range of interior products and other categories on demand. We create valuable opportunities and solutions for our partners through our big network of manufacturers in practically across Asia.

High Standards and Control

In addition to our office in Højbjerg, Denmark, we have our associate teams in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh as well as partly in some Eastern Europe countries. Local knowledge of manufacturing, production control and quality control processes are all values held by our local teams. They are in constant contact with the local producers to ensure the products meet the required standards and demands.

Thorough Sample Process

At Continuz, we make the process of ordering a product sample up till receiving ready-made products as smooth and effortless as possible. We believe that our success is built on long term relationship with customers and suppliers.


We have established partnerships with local vendors and have a good understanding of local business policies and practices.


We understand our customers’ needs, analyze them and set out to find a solution with the right balance between quality and price.


We monitor every step for improved execution and delivery, and assure delivery on-time.

We know how important the right quality is. Our inspectors are well trained, reliable and experienced to inspect a wide range of products and factories.


We examine the export documentation to ensure correct documentation are shared.

At Continuz, we are a dedicated team of experienced sourcing professionals. We understand our customers’ needs by understanding their businesses.

Our CEO - Mr. Vestergaard, Thomas

The founder of Continuz – Vestergaard, Thomas, has been working with purchasing, sourcing and development since 1994. He worked as a purchaser at Bettenwelt (JYSK Germany) responsible for both indoor and outdoor furniture. From 2008-12 he was the CEO at BIK in Shanghai – a sourcing company within homeproducts. Today Continuz presents a range of product categories with focus on indoor furniture and dining chairs in particular.

Experience and Development

For more than 20 years, Thomas has accomplished experience in developing products Asia, and has in particular travelled a lot in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Through these travels, the corporate values have been formed and through these Continuz will keep evolving and expanding. His many years of experience has given him a valuable insight of cultural differences and know-how, when it comes to negotiations, quality control, delivery on time and finding the right manufactures.

Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +45 6070 7262


We Develop Long-Term Partnerships

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are incredibly important to us. They are carefully selected, tested over years of cooperation. Our suppliers must pass regular factory audits covering production processes, internal quality set up, environmental impact and responsible management. We are always looking for honest, reliable suppliers.

Our Customers & Partners

Our main activities are in Scandinavia and Europe, but we also cooperate with other parts of the world. We do business with both large and small customers. None is too small neither too large.
Once you are our customer we work hard to continuously inspire and surprise you.
Whatever size you think your business is, you can count on a friendly welcome and be assured that we never take our customers for granted.

Do You Want to Work With Us?
You can be assured that we are on the road to the future. Our basic attitude is that if something is difficult then we must know about it, so that we can be one step ahead. We strive to improve always and to develop solid and long-term partnerships with both customers, suppliers and developers. Feel free to contact us!
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