The Butler - Our Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Stand

Hand sanitizers play a crucial role in public places to keep people safe. It is our responsibility to do our best to keep viruses from spreading between us. Continuz has done its best by developing a touch-free hand sanitizer stand that is a reliable choice in any area with an intensive flow of people.

100% Touch Free

Nothing to press or step on! The built-in IR sensor detects your hand, and the automatic pump quickly delivers hand sanitizer.

Stylish Design

The built-in stand’s dispenser is hygienic and safe, with the chrome-plated, brass body offering a stylish design. The top plate of the stand is made of HI-MACS® material, which meets the highest quality and hygiene standards. The front door allows for easy hand sanitizer refilling and battery change.

220V and/or Battery Operated

Power for the stand is supplied by 6 x D battery or 12V transformer. The battery version includes a waterproof battery box, and the electricity version includes a 12V universal transformer with options for US/UK/EU/AU plugs. It is also possible to place both power sources in one product.

Ready for Use

The stands are sold as complete portable units, which arrive ready for immediate placement and start to use.

The Butler

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Perfect for High-Traffic Areas

Dispenses hand sanitizer for up to 6000 times from one refill. Reliable protection for your customers and employees in any public area with an intensive flow of people.

Your Choice of Disinfectant

You are not tied to any particular disinfectant supplier. The stand is equipped with an easily refillable 6-liter tank (1.6 gallons) and is suitable for use with any hand sanitizer brand, with a viscosity of up to 3800 cPs.

Low Maintenance

The stand is very cost-effective and low maintenance. Set-and-forget; it will take a long time before you have to change the batteries or fill the disinfectant tank.


H: 93.7 cm / 36.9 inches
W: 33 cm / 13 inches
D: 27 cm / 10.6 inches

Different Colors & Print

The stands are available in different colors and individual branding of the front panel if desired.

Stylish Design

Here is a display of some of our favorite color choices.

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