Get your supply chain optimized through experience-based strategic sourcing, and save non-necessary procurement expenses. With Continuz as your sourcing agent, we take responsibility for finding, reaching out to, negotiating with, and taking care of your suppliers. As your agent, we will ensure that you will have the proper deliveries with the right supplies at the right time. As a matter of course, we will also arrange matters such that the costs will be more competitive – to your advantage.

Continuz has an extensive international network of competent companies in the furniture industry. We will not fumble or grope when looking for your next supplier to cooperate with. We will get a good, solid collaboration up and running between you and those suppliers who can deliver on your demands and wishes for the goods you request.

Step 1: Contact

We get in touch and have a no-obligation conversation about your needs and wishes.

Step 4: Sourcing

We set up a meeting where we make your challenges clear, specifying your demands for preferred features, targets, etc. And we outline the solutions that we can offer you.

Step 2: Offer

Based on the deal, we get to work. We will typically go to the international market with your demands, working to find suitable suppliers for you.

Step 5: Overview and selection

We sketch an overview of potential suppliers who can meet your demands. You can be a part of the selection process if you wish – we will provide our recommendations.

Step 3: Agreement

We make a good agreement.

Step 6: Supplier deal

We negotiate a good deal on your behalf, and we will continually supervise the new collaborative processes.