Inspections and quality control

Many companies experience using far more resources working with the quality of product deliverances than what seems fair. What good is it working with a supplier who might deliver the right products but poor quality? There will be a bill to be paid, eventually – and the price is time, money, and a good deal of patience.

At Continuz, we take external quality control as a business area that can be optimized. We have gathered much experience in assisting businesses who wish to put the resources tied up in quality control to better use elsewhere in the value chain. If one works cleverly, there may often be significant savings in working with QC. At Continuz, we can help you optimize your quality control, too.

QarmaInspect for
Quality Control

Join the machine rooms of your suppliers, and take part in QC procedures – or simply become a fly on the wall. At Continuz, we diligently utilize the QC tool QarmaInspect(developed by Qarma, a company based in Aarhus) in our quality control services. in our quality control services. By implementing the tool at your suppliers, we help you promote a transparent process, better cooperation, and more control through your supply chain.

QarmaInspect has been thoroughly tested and tried many times. Through a proper and experience-based application of the tool, it is possible to standardize many different procedures related to quality control. This ensures that you will get a practical QC function and manageable results – and, most importantly, your quality control, in the end, will deliver on its promises.

Step 1: Contact

We get in touch and have a no-obligation conversation about your needs and wishes.

Step 4: Sourcing

We set up a meeting where we make your challenges clear, specifying your demands for preferred features, targets, etc. And we outline the solutions that we can offer you.

Step 2: Offer

Based on the deal, we get to work. We will typically go to the international market with your demands, working to find suitable suppliers for you.

Step 5: Overview and selection

We sketch an overview of potential suppliers who can meet your demands. You can be a part of the selection process if you wish – we will provide our recommendations.

Step 3: Agreement

We make a good agreement.

Step 6: Supplier deal

We negotiate a good deal on your behalf, and we will continually supervise the new collaborative processes.